My Personal Review On The Molicare Super

Bio- As a girl who is on the relatively small diaper scale, I tend to fit into the smaller sized diapers. I barley fit into the medium size ABDL diapers and I am a perfect fit into a adult small. As I have tried many diapers in my time, Children's Attends, Goodnites, Select Briefs (Plastic), and Tena ultra (cloth); I never really tried on a true ABDL diaper. It had to be small enough to fit my body and have the normal feel of a plastic backed diaper. Finding one that fit that description was not easy. I looked everywhere online and found the brand "Molicare". Molicare not only fit my budget, but they also had the perfect size for me. The seller had 2 packs for the price of one on Ebay since she was a former ABDL. I bought them and tried what I liked to call at the time, "My first ABDL diaper". I needed something better than pull-ups and something better than the cloth-like feel of everyday pull-ups. When I mean "Molicare Super" I do not mean the "Molicare Super Plus". The Molicare super is an older diaper that came before Medline came out with the "Molicare Super Plus", so I guess that means this diaper is more rare in a case? I am not sure of the details, but I know this came before the Molicare super plus.

Feel- For my everyday Incontinence, I always hated the feel of my cloth diapers when I was walking around. They also didn't have that feel like you were wearing a diaper. More of a feel as extra panties or underwear. They also felt very loose around my waist. For these diapers, the sides were cloth but the actual diaper itself was ploy backed. That made me happy because it really felt like a true ABDL/TBDL Diaper. Even when I would get wet walking around and such I stayed comfortable, unlike the cloth backed diapers.

Absorbency- Absorbency wise was pretty impressive. I wasn't expecting it to handle my kind of wettings or messing's but it did. However, it did tend to leak after a second wetting. Compared to some of the other diapers I have tried in the past, this one tended to absorb a lot more. Better then pull-ups and far greater then my old cloth diapers. It's not a "true ABDL diaper" but it does it's job for the price you paid for it.

Size- As you can see in the photo here; comparing it to my DC Amor (Anime), it's very small indeed. I would say this is a good diaper for young adults who have a smaller waist size or teens with a budget. I think this would be a perfect starter diaper for TBDL's who want to get into the higher rate diapers for the ABDL. Normally with the higher end diapers you tend to get a lot of bulk with it but, not this one. These don't have any bulk to them at all. Good in some cases. I in particular am not really the "Baby" type and I would definitely not call these a "Baby-like diaper".

What Will It Work With- This diaper works with anything you really throw at it. I have worn this style of diaper for a long time now. I have worn skirts over them, tights, skinny jeans, and shorts; all of which it all works with. It can be a bit hard to fit into skinny jeans with them on but you can't really tell your in them once you get your skinny jeans on. I feel a bit freer with them in tights, rather then having them left with just the diaper itself under your clothing. I would say if your a lady defiantly wear tights with this diaper because if you wear the diaper itself under your jeans or shorts, it's tapes tend to lose it's stickiness. So I would say wear them with tights and a skirt. If your a female. If you are a male under anything you wear should be fine.

Sound- When sound comes into the mix this diaper doesn't make any at all. This diaper it very silent, and I can't hear it even in the quietest of situations. I will be working at a desk or at the office when it's very quite and I can not hear this diaper at all. It's so quite, I think my cloth Tena Ultra's are louder then these.

Smell- Because I take pills to cover up the sent of my incontinence, I wouldn't be the one to tell you. However, I think when it means "Oder Neutralizing" it's just for wetting. I have heard countless feeds online that when a diaper stands for "Oder Neutralizing" it just means that for a wetting accident. Not for a messing accident. If you are going to mess this diaper, I wouldn't recommend it. the smell would be very powerful.

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Got to have low cut satin panties whenever i am wearing diapers

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