I'm a Gay guy.

I'm looking for more Gay guys on DiaperPin. I really love to see guys in Diapers and Plastic Pants are a real turn on.

How about it. I want to start following you.

rubberbaby (not verified)

I'd love to be your big brother or diaper daddy and find you in peed pants and a wet bed and give you a spanking and then whizz all over you and on and in ur diapers and plastic baby pants until you wet yourself and get a throbbing hard on and then plow you from behind in em while I reached around and jerked you and made you cum in them!

chris (not verified)

I'm not gay but I'm bi.

Tim Cole's picture
Tim Cole

I'm gay tbdl

patts's picture

comme j'aimerai ça te sentir baisser ma couche pour me faire pénét quel plaisir

pamperedchef's picture

how do you add a friend ?

Tim Cole's picture
Tim Cole

I think you put in their email address

diaperdisciplined's picture

Mostly gay (pansexual - prefer guys). Sub diaper/spanking fetishist here...
feel free to message me

diaperdisciplined's picture

don't think my comment posted. I definitely fit the description. Feel free to message me

Rosiemay's picture

Hi, yes look forward to hearing from you. Post a picture to me of something you like. X Rosiemay

diaperdisciplined's picture

I still self-identify as bi, but I'm definitely more on the male-male side, in terms of sexual preferences...

PlasticSoldier's picture

I am very much like rubberbaby's text. I'm an experienced plastic panty, latex or rubber panty wearing DL, versatile bottom HWP daddie. Very sensual, tactile, & affectionate.

chris1's picture

hi im new on here i like some friendships

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