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If you think we should take down a picture of yours, please fill out this form. It is mandatory that you provide us enough information for figuring out that you are who you claim you are, that you are actually the owner of the picture and so on.

Why we need so much information about you:

We got some claims to take down some pictures which are linked from a tumblr page. Turns out, that the owner of the tumblr page posted these pictures by him/herself.

This is not a valid claim for taking down a picture of diaperpin! As you upload your pictures to (any) webservices, you have to accept their terms of service. It is due to american or european law necessary, that you give the webservices the rights to host and publish your pictures. Otherwise they would have no chance to actually serv you and your users. Therefore, if you had uploaded that picture of yourself to a public webservice you can't claim the ownership of all rights of the picture anymore. diaperpin does not ask you for your consent or your rights - we use the same rights you gave public webservices.

A word for public webservices: If you upload your picture to a website which is publicly accessible, it is public. Even if your picture is only accessible for registered users, it is public if anyone can register!

We do take down some pictures in some cases even our guidelines are not met. We believe in personal rights of everyone, and we also think that comfort zones can change over time. If there is a picture of you on diaperin.me where you can be identified in real life please fill out this form. Because not everyone want his/her face unpublished you have to provide us some proof of your identity (exclusive selfie, skype video-call or any other appropriate method).

If you have any questions, feel free to write us some lines to supaberni@gmail.com

This is the identifier of the post on diaperpin.me - you can find it in the address bar (ie. http://diaperpin.me/node/1234 - 1234 is the node number)
Please tell us what's the reason of your take-down submission.
Please provide a file for evaluating the origin of the picture on diaperpin. This picture won't be stored and will only be used for confirmation your identity.
This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
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